We've recently upgraded to ZCS7 and one of my POP accounts doesn't seem to want to work. I don't have SSL ticked, but it is coming up with an error:

Error: d2:CN14:*.oxynet.co.nz1:O14:Oxynet Limited2:OU17:Internet Security6:accept4:true5:alias19:mail.oxynet.co.nz: 24:fromi1252020384000e4:host17:mail.oxynet.co.nz3: icn8:H-Sphere2:io29:Positive Software Corporation3:iou17:Installation Team3:md532:06DBB261D9C2AB2E8B8049CF730188E28:mism atch5:false1:s1:24:sha140:21CD0952C8A6DD00D1143ABC 7987119CE4E97A8D2:toi1283556384000ee
There isn't a proper SSL installed or required on mail.oxynet.co.nz (thats just our basic mail server - we put SSL on our hosted Zimbra), it's just a fallback one.

Why is it even checking SSL? I don't have that option ticked!

Any ideas how I can get around this?