I'm testing with Zimbra (7.1) in a "Split Domain" environment.

Normally, all mails to users known inside the zimbra-domain are delivered to the corresponding zimbra-account (if there is one), others go out via smart relay host.

So far, so good.

How can I configure Zimbra in a way, that ALL mails are delivered via smart relay host?

I want Zimbra to send all 'local' generated mails (from Web-Client, from MUA's via authenticated smtp(s) or from Outlook-Connector)
to smart relay host, regardless of there's a local account for this adress or not.

Only 'incoming' mails should be delivered to the local zimbra account. There will be mails for existing zimbra users from smart relay host only.

How can I manage this?


Maildoman: @company
All mails are delivered to a local MTA (--> account@mta-host). This is not the zimbra host.
Users configured their MUA to send and receive mails (imaps, smtps) via account@mta-host.

Now I've set up zimbra...
Domain is also @company
smart relay host is "mta-host"

I've configured a userforward on mta-host for all zimbra users to deliver mails to the zimbra account too.
(--> account@mta-host + --> account@zimbra-host)

But now, the zimbra users can't receive mails via mta-host any more (if the sender is a zimbra user), because mails are delivered to the local existing zimbra account now. So I have to instruct users on mta-host at the time, I create a zimbra accout for them, but not all users want to swich to zimbra completely.

I would like to change this behaviour.

Does anybody know how to do this?