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Thread: [SOLVED] Users can't turn off Read Receipts

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    Default [SOLVED] Users can't turn off Read Receipts

    server version 7.01_GA (open source edition)
    desktop version 7.01

    some users end up having a read receipt request attached to every email and are unable to send email without the request. Other users are able to send an email with or without a read receipt request. I don't see a setting for this in the desktop preferences or in the server admin console. Is there a way to rectify the situation so that emails from all users typically will not have a read receipt? This has become very frustrating to some of our users and I'm sure fairly annoying to some of our clients.

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    It turns out there was a zimlet deployed to force read receipt on some of the desktop installations. It didn't show up in the lest of zimlets on the main screen but when you went to preferences and look at zimlets it was listed.

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