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If it is a bug it won't 'just get fixed', you need to report it in bugzilla. You should search first to see if there's anything filed and create a new bug report if there isn't, include as much detail as possible and post the bug number back here for other to add their comments and votes.
hello fenix.. can you helpe with this please..=

I have a proble qith this. i executed the command you gives us, but qhe i run the second part
zmprov gaa -v | grep -e uid: -e zimbraCOSId | grep -B1 putzimbraCOSidStringHERE | grep uid: | awk '{print $2}' the consol show me a error where say thay
ERROR: service.INVALID_REQUEST (invalid request: can only be used with "zmprov -l/--ldap")
WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO LIST all may account user that exist in a especific COS...
please help me with that.