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Thread: [SOLVED] Unable to find renewed SelfSigned Certifiacte in Zimbra 7.1 after Renewal.

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    Question [SOLVED] Unable to find renewed SelfSigned Certifiacte in Zimbra 7.1 after Renewal.

    zmcontrol -v
    Release 7.1.0_GA_3140.RHEL5_64_20110329150833 CentOS5_64 FOSS edition.

    After renewing SelfSigned certificate ( tried both from Admin panel and from CLI) i just copied ca.pem ( tried both from /opt/zimbra/ssl/zimbra/ca & /opt/zimbra/conf/ca ) as a ca.pem.crt and install it on my desktop ( tried both XP & win7) but still i am getting Certificate warning ( in both outlook express and microsoft outlook)..

    So what is the correct path of Self Signed certificate after renewal and before renewal ? is it
    /opt/zimbra/ssl/zimbra/ca or /opt/zimbra/conf/ca or another?

    can i renew my self signed certificate for more then 365 days? using bellow cli
    zmcertmgr createcrt -new -days 786

    i tried following from CLI
    zmcertmgr createca -new
    zmcertmgr createcrt -new -days 365
    zmcertmgr deploycrt self
    zmcertmgr deployca
    zmcertmgr viewdeployedcrt

    then zmcontroll stop; zmcontrol start
    what is missing?
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