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Thread: Account Mailbox Size popup disappeared in 7.1.1 ?

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    Default Account Mailbox Size popup disappeared in 7.1.1 ?

    I seem to recall that prior to 7.1.1 hovering the mouse over the account name displayed a popup with the total size of the mailbox.

    This feature now appears to have disappeared - unless quotas are enabled, in which case you get a visual progress bar on filling up your quota and the popup.

    I am using the Carbon theme.

    Can anyone else confirm this is the way it used to work, and that it no longer works.

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    I can confirm with 7.1.0 the mailbox size is only shown when you hover over the account name. I have not upgraded to 7.1.1 yet to confirm how it works with that version.

    Check out this bug:
    Bug 60734 – No mailbox size data is displayed in a quota tooltip if the user's account is set to unlimited quota.

    Looks like they are going to fix it in 7.1.2 release?

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