We noticed, that our ZCS users start sharing their resources over internet (e.g. sharing Briefcase folders with images). There are several uses:

- putting links to such resources (View only) on forums over internet;
- sharing such resources in their websites (photos or calendars).

ZCS in this case is working OK. But the problem arrieses in disclosing usernames to public in such cases. Because of multidomain installation, we use single https URL for login for all domains, and provide full e-mail address as a username.

Because we can not guaranty correct operations of such internet resources, where such links are posted, nor there are widely available rewrite functions, as such username does not displays in a single e-mail manner, to be hidden by e.g. SpamSpan, or a like, there is a potential for such e-mail address harvesting for SPAM list generation purposes.

I am aware of a "virtual hosts" possibility, but this does not solve an issue, as it increases expenses per domain due to SSL certs and in final, still does not hide potential combination of user's e-mail address, as username (Account name) is e-mail address data to the left of "@" symbol.

Could somebody recommend any solution or personal practice for this?