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Thread: Setting Up Test Environment

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    Default Setting Up Test Environment

    We're currently running Zimbra 6.0.6 Network edition on Redhat EL 5 virtual machines (running in VMware 4.1) with the following components:

    - 1 proxy server (imap/pop proxy)
    - 2 mailbox servers
    - 2 mta servers
    - 2 ldap servers

    We're looking into upgrading to the newest version of Zimbra, but we'd like to try it in a test environment first, so that we can find any 'gotchas' that may occur.

    Since the servers are all VMs, cloning them is easy enough to do; but what would we need to do after cloning them so that they won't conflict with our production environment (other than changing the IPs and host names at the OS level)?

    Any ideas, suggestions, etc?


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    You'll also want to setup split DNS instance point to your test server.

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