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Thread: [SOLVED] Combine Net Ed/OSS for mixed user base?

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    Question [SOLVED] Combine Net Ed/OSS for mixed user base?

    We are looking at using Zimbra to replace Exchange 2003. We have approximately 500 users, but only 50 use Outlook. The rest are either web access users or SMTP/POP3 users. Is there a way to combine the Net Ed and OSS to reduce the cost? It's very hard to justify $30,000 if only 10% of the user base needs Outlook functionality.

    Also, if this is not the right forum for this question, can you point me right?



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    I guess it would be possible.

    You'd had to run 2 Zimbra servers. MX would point to the outward facing Zimbra. Then you'd need a forwarding rule that says, "If this account doesn't exist on this server, sending it to the 2nd server"

    Then you'd point the majority of the users to the OSE version and the Outlook users to the Paid for version.

    NOTE: This is just off the top of my head, I have never tested.

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    Ah...thanks much for the pointers. I very much like the product, and I'm trying to convince my boss that it's worth switching from Exchange.

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