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Thread: Domain Disclaimers (Not System Wide)

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    Default Domain Disclaimers (Not System Wide)


    I'm attempting to implement domain wide signatures to affix content to end of all outgoing messages.

    From what I'm gathering this isn't possible in Zimbra 6.0.x (or 7.x.x for that matter).

    The various threads / wiki entries all point to:
    zmprov mcf zimbraDomainMandatoryMailSignatureEnabled TRUE
    zmprov mcf zimbraDomainMandatoryMailSignatureText <“some text”>
    zmprov mcf zimbraDomainMandatoryMailSignatureHTML "<html><body>some html text</body></html>”
    As the go to commands. However these have one fatal flaw (in my case)

    These appear to be system wide settings, which in our case of having 40+ domains, isn't an option.

    I'm trying to apply those settings on a per domain basis, I tried (and the CLI accepted)

    zmprov md (stuff from above), but it didn't work.

    zmprov gd showed the three variables succesfully, but they only worked with I used mcf (on a test install).


    - D

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    there is a rfe for this you should add a vote to (its already pretty popular)

    Bug 41872 &ndash; expand disclaimer support from single, global to per-domain

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