Is this just me being foolish?

When I share a newly created Contacts folder in the Zimbra interface called something like, 'Outlook Contacts', I go into Outlook and see the message in my Inbox about the share being created. I then click on 'Accept' and the share mail disappears.
When back in Zimbra I see the newly shared 'Outlook Contacts' folder and all the Contacts within, however this folder never shows up in Outlook, I only ever get the original 'Contacts' and 'Emailed Contacts' folders. I press sned/receive, I even try uninstalling, re-installing and then copying over all the mail from Zimbra to my Outlook Zimbra profile again (a process which makes my 2GHZ Xeon Workstation grind to a halt and takes over an hour)

Please tell me that I am doing something stupid and that it isn't just that these will never show up in Outlook!

Surely it's just me yes?