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Thread: Auto-reply message and aliases

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    Default Auto-reply message and aliases

    Please excuse me if this has been covered before. I've tried searching the forums but haven't been able to find anything helpful.

    I have a ZCS 7.1.1 setup with multiple domains configured. Some users have email aliases in multiple domains, ie:

    primary account:

    When they set an auto-reply (away/vacation) message, their replies always come from the primary account, no matter where the email was address to. For example, an email sent to will get auto-replied to from (instead of

    We've set up persona's for the aliases, and they work when the user manually clicks 'Reply', but not for auto replies.

    Is there any way to have the from address in the auto-replies be based on the email address they were sent to (without having to create multiple accounts, one per domain)?


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    We faced with the same issue here.
    Some users have email aliases in multiple domains
    Because of a legal issues.

    Running 7.1 Network edition
    auto-reply is always sending back an emails from the user primary account.
    Need to separate auto-reply sending FROM field for primary account and his other domain aliases.

    This situation contradicts and violates legal standards of making business for us.
    I'm still searching the answer for this question. And can not find a solution here.

    If somebody know how to resolve this situation please respond.

    Thank you in advance.

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