Hello everybody,

I'm working on a merge solution for multiple calendars.

I generate a unique ics file which contains all calendars needed, and now I want to import this ics file into a specific calendar.

I've tried using this commands :

- zmprov sm user@domain.com pru /calendar /tmp/newcal.ics
- zmmailbox -z -m user@domain.com pru /calendar /tmp/newcal.ics

These commands returns :

ERROR: zclient.IO_ERROR (Connection refused) (cause: java.net.ConnectException Connection refused)

And if I try this command :

- curl -u user : password --upload-file /tmp/newcal.ics http://server/service/home/user/calendar?fmt=ics (without spaces between "user", ":", "password")

The import is good but all other calendars presents on the account are emptied...

Can you explain me how importing an ics file into a specific calendar without deleting any other entries in another calendars ?

Thanks a lot !