I have installed the ZCS 7.1.1 OSE on Ubuntu 64 bit with 1gb of RAM.

I installed it last night at about 5 am. When I woke up now and I did a zmcontrol status, I got a "zmconfigd is not running.". When I see in "/opt/zimbra/log/zmconfigd.log", I see:

2011-06-23 12:25:29,562 zmconfigd WARNING [29983-MainThread] Watchdog: service sasl now available for watchdog.
2011-06-23 12:25:29,628 zmconfigd CRITICAL [29983-MainThread] Tracking service spell 
2011-06-23 12:25:29,631 zmconfigd WARNING [29983-MainThread] Watchdog: service spell now available for watchdog.
2011-06-23 12:25:31,680 zmconfigd CRITICAL [29983-MainThread] Tracking service stats 
2011-06-23 12:25:31,683 zmconfigd WARNING [29983-MainThread] Watchdog: service stats now available for watchdog.
2011-06-23 12:25:32,132 zmconfigd WARNING [29983-MainThread] Watchdog: service antivirus status is OK.
2011-06-23 12:25:32,391 zmconfigd WARNING [29983-MainThread] All rewrite threads completed in 0.01 sec
2011-06-23 12:25:32,394 zmconfigd WARNING [29983-MainThread] All restarts completed in 0.00 sec
Starting zmconfigd...zmconfigd is already running.
Starting zmconfigd.../opt/zimbra/bin/zmconfigdctl: line 101: 31356 Killed                  ${zimbra_home}/libexec/zmconfigd >> ${zimbra_log_directory}/zmconfigd.log 2>&1
Is this normal? It looks like its running, but in administration console in the page server status it looks like it' down.