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Thread: IndexDeferredItems message in mailbox.log ?

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    Default IndexDeferredItems message in mailbox.log ?

    Dear All,

    Could someone give some hints what this messages are for ?

    2011-06-23 12:15:40,844 INFO  [LmtpServer-165700] [;mid=1
    942;;] mailbox - IndexDeferredItems(null, 29815): Deferred count 
    out of sync - found=19 in progress=0 (deferred count=20)
    2011-06-23 12:15:41,407 INFO  [LmtpServer-165700] [;mid=1
    942;;] mailbox - Deferred Indexing: submitted 19 items in 564ms (
    33.69/sec). (0 items failed to index).  IndexDeferredCount now at 19 NumNotSubmit
    ted= 0
    it's filed as "INFO" thus i guess it should be just fine. but just curious what's it and is there any side-effect ?


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    In ZCS, Indexing messages is sometimes done by batch process for better performance from my understanding.
    So when ZimbraStore recieve a message, indexing the message could be deferred and after receiving some more messages or receiving a search request from UI, bathed indexing process will be triggered.
    The log you pasted here is just saying that the process was going on at that time.

    From source code, to defer Indexing could also occur because of
    temporary message parse error too. But in that case I guess you will notice that from the log.

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