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Thread: Some mails not showing in the mailbox

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    Default Some mails not showing in the mailbox


    We are using Zimbra Release 7.1.0_GA_3140.UBUNTU10_64 UBUNTU10_64 FOSS edition in a server and it happens something strange.

    There is a mailbox that is not showing all the emails in the store :-/

    I can see the email in the store through:

    zimbra@mail:~/store/0/5/msg/0$ grep *
    1780-3427.msg:From: xxxx <>

    But when I try to find it in the mailbox or through imap it seems that it doesn't exist...

    I have tried to rebuild the index with 'zmprov rim..' but it didn't solve the problem.

    I have also tried to reinject the mail:

    zmlmtpinject -r -s 1780-3427.msg

    and the mail is reinjected but none of both are shown...

    1780-3427.msg:From: xxxx <>

    1820-3712.msg:From: xxxx <>

    The logs are:

    mailbox.log:2011-06-24 08:35:03,239 INFO [LmtpServer-1] [ip=;] lmtp - Delivering message: size=5660 bytes, nrcpts=1,, msgid=<>
    mailbox.log:2011-06-24 20:15:15,873 INFO [LmtpServer-1] [ip=;] lmtp - Delivering message: size=5852 bytes, nrcpts=1,, msgid=<>
    mailbox.log:2011-06-24 20:19:17,375 INFO [LmtpServer-1] [ip=;] lmtp - Delivering message: size=5852 bytes, nrcpts=1,, msgid=<>

    I have tried to shutdown the antispam but it didn't solve the problem either..

    It happens with some emails... they are in the store but they are not being shown...

    If I do the reinject into another account it works :-S

    zmlmtpinject -r -s 1780-3427.msg

    I can see the mail into the mailbox... strange, strange, strange... :-S

    Any clues? any idea? It's quite worrying as we can not guess when the mails are going to be show or not.

    Anyone with the same problem?

    Best regards
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