Hey all, I'm new here and am not totally sure whether or not to post this here. Awhile back, I had Zimbra 6 installed on an Ubuntu box with no problems. A couple days ago I decided to install Zimbra 7.1.1 on my new Ubuntu Server. The installation went fine and everything seemed to be working fine. After downloading some security updates to the system and rebooting I went to check on Zimbra with
zmcontrol status
. I got this back:
Host oyster.andersentechwiki.net
	antispam                Running
	antivirus               Running
	ldap                    Running
	logger                  Running
	mailbox                 Running
	mta                     Stopped
		postfix is not running
	snmp                    Running
	spell                   Running
	stats                   Running
	zmconfigd               Running
I assumed that postfix just got skipped over in the startup for some reason. I went to start postfix manually and got a permissions error
postfix start
postfix/postfix-script: warning: not owned by root: /opt/zimbra/postfix-
postfix/postfix-script: warning: not owned by root: /opt/zimbra/postfix-
I went online and found this script:
./zmfixperms --extended --verbose
I ran the script and then restarted Zimbra with the usually stop and start commands.

I went to check the status and once again postfix wasn't started. I was a bit confused as the permissions were once again messed up. I ran
while sleep 1; do ls -l; done
as root inside of the postfix directory. As I ran the zmcontrol start command I noticed that it changed the permissions. I manually changed the permissions to match the other files using
chown -R root:postfix ./master.cf
chown -R root:postfix ./main.cf
chmod +rw ./master.cf
chmod +rw ./main.cf
then I tried to start postfix manually. At that point the script didn't output anything and just seemed to hang there. I tried looking in the logfile
tail -f /var/log/zimbra.log
but it was empty.

At this point I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions?