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Thread: Server name DNS

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    Default Server name DNS

    Hi guys
    Have a two problems with the installation using Ubuntu 10.04 (x64).

    My domain name is and i use a server named mailserver.
    When i finish the installation of my server it becomes like as the name of my mails. When it supouse to use just
    To be more helpfull :
    I want to use --> ----
    but the mail boxes becomes like --->

    Can you help me to solve this issue..???

    Do i have to put the server in my local domain so i can use the integration between zimbra and Active Directory???

    Thanks in advance.

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    During the installation process you were asked if you wanted to change the domain name, at that point you should have answered 'Y' and entered the correct domain name othewise (as indicated in the consol output) it will use the FQDN of your server. You can rename the domain to anything you want, search the forums or wiki for details - this has been answered many times in the forums.


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