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Thread: Allowable characters in user passwords

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    Default Allowable characters in user passwords

    I've done some digging around old forum posts, but can't quite find the answer to what I'm trying to do. To try to make passwords a bit more unguessable, instead of using a current scheme of including one punctuation character for our sales force, another for our design team, another for execs and so on, I'd like to include a more random element. But what characters can I NOT use? I'm looking at all possible options on a standard US keyboard, which would mean these characters:

    Which do I need to avoid?

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    Well, just for giggles I tried a few anyway. The 15 I used all worked; I got no rejections from the system. Valid characters are:
    I just hope the new users know the difference between / and \ and ]|[ - the latter three look pretty similar when output in Word. I might need to use a monospace font in the future and make that more obvious.

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    I have the same question jbuell. Thanks for testing a few options. Over the years, with various systems (not Zimbra per se), have seen enough "password with punctuation fails" reports, when supposedly they are fully supported, to be reluctant to implement them.

    If anyone has more Zimbra-specific experience to share, especially in contexts outside the web client, please chime in.

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