I am running zmibra on centos, I updated from 6.06 to 6.0.13 and I lost all my users, domains and all settings.

However the recover is no more than 1 hour work, but the mailboxes are not so easy.

The interesing is that I can see all my users in the mysql database, I can see all their mailboxes also in the database, every mailbox in it's own DB. Every user in "zimbra" DB has mbox number linking to his own mailbox-database.
But I can't see them in the web admin menu! And they can't logon!

They are just about 20 users, but their mailboxes are huge. I tryed to export-import the DBs of the old users and create new users and then import the DBs in.
But mysql doesn't allow me to. I tryed even just for the test to manualy get one single mail cell by cell from old user and put it cell by cell in the new user's DB. Mysql still doesn't allow me to. It says can't update parent cell or something like that.

Please tell me is there a way to export mailbox from mysql database and import it back in to the new user, or link the new user to his old mailbox DB?
Or just change something to the database or wherever so I can see the old users with their databases? Or logon somehow with old user even just temporary and export all his fowders?

Or anyway I recover this mailboxes please?

I have the databases, I have the users, some kind of recovery should be possible right?

Thanks in advance.