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Thread: [SOLVED] Folders do not show up from external IMAP account

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    Default [SOLVED] Folders do not show up from external IMAP account

    I added an external IMAP account from my Zimbra webmail account yesterday. Everything looked to work when I created it in the Preferences tab, but when I when back to the mail tab, I didn't see the new folder created for the account. I tailed the mailbox log and watched the emails stream in. At that point, I figured the new folder wouldn't show up until all the mail had finished indexing, though this didn't happen. I can search for and find what looks to be all the emails from the external account. I can even see references to the new IMAP folder in places. For instance, the "Share a folder" and "Add a folder" dialogs display the external IMAP folder allowing me to select it to share or add to. I even see it in the "Advanced Search > Folders" list. I've logged out and back in (with AJAX), logged out and back in to basic HTML, and even restarted Zimbra but still do not have that folder on the left sidebar of my Mail tab. From what I've read, it's supposed to create a new group or section in line with "Folders" "Searches" and "Tags". I don't see a new section, nor so I see a new subfolder in my primary Zimbra folders. Any thoughts?

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    Default don't know what happened, but it's working now

    If posting this thread is what it took, then so be it After nearly 12 hours after adding the external IMAP account, I get to work, pop open my laptop, and there it is. Not sure what happened in the couple of hours between my original post and now, but all seems to be good now.

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