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Thread: Forward ACCOUNTS to GMail

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    Default Forward ACCOUNTS to GMail

    A little back story for those wondering why:
    I am in charge of getting a new Zimbra server up and running. My company currently outsources email hosting to another local company. This company has a proprietary email server that all of our customers are on. The email for all of our employees is through GMail, but it's with OUR domain. is where the employees go to get their email, which takes you to GMail and login with our usernames, is where the customers go and they're greeted with the proprietary server frontend.

    So my question is, how does on accomplish this? How do I tell the zimbra server to forward all email coming in to x, y, z accounts out to the Google server, but keep all emails for accounts a-v? I thought about forwarding email from each account, but I don't think that will work since the domain remains on ALL accounts, customers and employees.

    For the record, I did search the forum for this for about 2 hours, but all I could come up with is a single account forwarding from one email address on one domain to another email address on another domain.

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    For those mail accounts, set zimbraMailTransport to the MX you wish to route mails to. Normally mta is told to send to your zimbra server where mailbox is (lmtp). You can check with this command for an account.
    # su - zimbra
    $ zmprov ga account@domain zimbraMailTransport

    Change it to the external mail server. Now this will send every mail you receive for the account to the specified destination.
    $ zmprov ma account@domain zimbraMailTransport

    This won't imply to the other accounts that come under the domain, its an account setting.

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