I figured out that zmstat.out does not exist or something is wrong with it:

tail -f /opt/zimbra/zmstat/zmstat.out
07/02/2011 12:05:30: ERROR: No such process: '23327'
07/02/2011 12:05:30: ERROR: No such process: '23328'

Also when i try zmloggerctl status nothing is returned

With zimbra user logged in logmysql command is not working

Also zimbra user it does not appear logged in in statistics - sessions tab - administrators

Someone can offer some help so that to resolve my issues.

I don't know is is related to all above but when ossoffice backup script is trying to stop the services mysql service cannot be stopped, probably because my server is slow. ( i use last version v0.8 alpha)

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!