Hi all,

we are currently planning an update of one of our Zimbra Servers from 6.0.12 (NE) to 7.1.1 patch 2 (NE).
As there are a lot of users on that machine I did some tests with 7.1.1.

What I found out is, that it seems to be impossible for a delegated admin to create new accounts in 7.1.1.
The delegated admin can modify existing accounts or delete existing accounts, but the button to
create new account is not existent.

I tested with a delegated admin who had the checkbox "Assign the default domain administrator view and rights"
enabled, as well as a delegated admin with a specific set of rights including the "domainADminRights", "createAccount"
and "domainADminCosRights". These Rights should be sufficient to create a new account...

Can sombody confirm this behavior? Is this a bug or a feature that I have not fully understood :-)