Hi guys

Iīve been reading through the forums and some other people also have this same problem, but at least in the posts iīve read no solution was provided.

We have Zimbra running on a machine with 32GB RAM and 16 CPUs. Itīs an HP blade, canīt remember which model ATM. The load on the machine is extremely low (Load average for 1m is below 0).

Starting last Thursday, user start to notice a long delay (around 7 - 8 sec) after they press the send button after composing an email message. I must add that the server is sending and receiving messages without problem and the only issue is the delay when pressing the send button (also happens when you try to add/modify calendar events).

Zimbra services are also way too slow in both stopping and starting. It took around 25 minutes, the whole process. The user and email data doesnīt reach 80GB

Zimbra version is 6.0.6 build 2330 64bit (which is supposed to fix the bugs found in the retail 6.0.6) running on CentOS 5.5 64bit.

No error in logs.

The only thing that was done to the machine was the installation of the TSM client that MAY have replaced the standard libstdc++ libraries. Not sure about this because installation was done by a third party and i couldn't track the installation steps they took.

Where should i look at?!?! Iīm at a loss here...