I am gradually getting through the logging issues on the Mac Platform with the Zimbra Support chaps (much thanks to them). The next issue I am looking at is the AntiSpam/AntiVirus activity graph.

It just doesn't look right to me in its current form. At the moment the graph is setup for three layers, message count, spam, and viruses, laid down in that order from back to front. However it does mean that if you have a lot of virus activity it will cover over the Spam activity.

It makes more sense to me to have the graph setup as a stack so that the combined values of clean/spammy/spam/infected are represented as one bar with different coloured portions. This type of graph should show the total amount of messages passed by the system (the total height) and then the proportion of each type of message represented by the different colours.

Does this make more sense to anyone else? If it does I will raise an enhancement request.

I have modified my system to some degree to test it out and it does make more sense, however the logging database really needs an extra column to represent spammy messages passed, with the mesage count column being changed to represent clean messages. This modification I have not done as it will make upgrades to my system a bit "interesting".

What do you all think?