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Thread: Need more space: Expand store or add new store?

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    Default Need more space: Expand store or add new store?

    Our 1TB /opt/zimbra partition is filling up and we need more space for new users. Which would be better:

    1) expand the current filesystem (lvm)
    2) add a new message store

    I sort of like option #2, because it keeps the partition sizes smaller so that fsck operations don't get too slow. But I'm concerned that managing multiple stores might be a hassle.

    What's the best common practice? Thanks...

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    i tend to favor more smaller stores, plus depending on how your storage is set up you can get increase performance by having it on separate disks/controller/san or what not. managing multiple stores really isn't that hard, but one word of advice, create a little dummy file in the root of the store thats called like this_is_store_0 just in case you ever have to move the disks to another server and not sure which store is which, because they all look similar in structure

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