Hi everyone, I've got a bit of a puzzler. I just issued one of our offsite staff a new laptop running Windows 7 and Office 2007. I had installed the Outlook Connector, entered her user name and password, and let it pull down all of her email (and, I thought, the GAL) from the server before giving her the new laptop, rather than trying to import the zdb files. But now that she's back at her office, she's telling me that the Outlook address books are completely blank. Not even a listing for her personal contacts. We tried Tools->Send/Receive->Global Address List->Update Global Address List but that did nothing at all. Outlook Address Book - MAPI does exist for her account in Outlook, but there's nothing there to edit, and similarly, when the Address Book itself is opened, there's are no lists under Outlook Address Book.

I tried walking her through adding an address book using LDAP to talk to our Zimbra Server, but that didn't do it either. Does anyone know of a simple way to get the GAL to start synchronizing again? Or should I delete her account and settings and walk her through re-establishing it all over again?