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Thread: dn.subtree Active Directory

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    Angry dn.subtree Active Directory


    With Active Directory Authntication i can bind only user in CN=Users,DC=example,DC=local
    how can i bind users in different OU
    Can i do a dn.subtree?

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    I solved this problem
    I think could be very important
    I start playing with Configure Authtentication
    I used one time External Ldap, the second time External Active Directory and so on.
    But these experiments soil the configuration i found my old parameters about External Ldap even if i was sure to use External Active Directory
    Stop and Start was not sufficent to have a good configuration
    So you have to clean all parameters
    for example in the External Ldap you have to find all blank field (except 389 port) then you can work with External Active Directory
    Then you Stop and Start tomcat and all is right!

    In my situation i had in External Ldap a parameters cn=Users,dc=example,dc=local that work even if i configured my domain with External Active Directory


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