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Thread: User Created Shared Calendars and Mobile Devices

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    Default User Created Shared Calendars and Mobile Devices

    A user has asked about the capability to make their own shared calendars show up on mobile devices (in this case, an iPad and an Android phone). Here is the scenario:

    John creates a calendar to keep up with who checks out their workgroup's vehicle. We will call it "car calendar". John shares "car calendar" with Jane and Bob.

    On his iPad (or Android phone, or iPhone, etc...), John can see both his personal user calendar AND car calendar. However, Jane and Bob only see their own personal calendars on their devices. Jane and Bob can see the shared calendar with no problem from a computer's Zimbra web browser interface; it just will not show up on a mobile device.

    Is there a way to get a user created and then shared calendar (in this case "car calendar"), to show up on the recipient's mobile device. Any ideas or suggestions as to how I could accomplish that?

    I don't think this is an iPad vs Android capabilities type of issue, but more of "does Zimbra's Exchange capabilities allow it to do that". Not sure. If you have any suggestions, I would certainly appreciate it.

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    Sorry for the late reply.

    I think what you want is: Bug 30950 - iphone: sync with shared calendars

    By the way, you say that John can see both calendars on his Android phone--are you sure about that? As I believe is noted in the above bug, at the moment only iOS can show multiple calendars. So you might also want to look at Bug 10099 - MobileSync Multiple Calendars and Addressbooks for mobile clients with no native support

    For now, Jane and Bob should use either CalDAV (if available on their device) or "WebCal" (aka "subscribing" to a calendar). See here:

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