Hello everybody...

I hope someone can help with that one.

Thereís a bug with zimbra that has never been corrected and that causes us a lot of trouble. Itís the one that makes it impossible for a user to login to his account if he has access to a shared ressource of another account located on an unaccessible server (Line failure or whatever).

Due to this eternal problem we are trying to find a workaround. For this workaround we need a way to export the list of shared ressource a user can access from his account.

Letís give an example :

User1 shares his calendar to everyone
User2 also share his calendar to everyone
User3 configures a folder in his calendar treeview to access user1ís calender but not user2ís one.

Is there a way to export the list if these accessed shares (And only that)?

Alternatively... Is there a way to export the ressources a user shares with the rest of the world?

Thank you for your help.

P.S : Sorry for my English