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Thread: smtp logs?

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    Default smtp logs?

    I can't seem to find where the smtp service logs incoming requests. I am running the vmware image upgraded to version 4 and configured for my domain.

    I have looked in /opt/zimbra/log and /var/log

    Any help. Does it log even failed connections? Do I need to enable logging? Can't seem to find the config.

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    This is sort of along the same lines.... Is there a way to keep copies of every email sent from a domain for the purposes of auditing. Like say you had a user forwarding information elsewhere you didnt want.... is there anyway to track sent mails... does Exchange even have that capability?

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    Default Solution

    The information was logged in /var/log/zimbra.log.

    As for the other person query. You can trace email to and from but not the contents. By trawling the logs you can see what is being sent and received. Exchange is similar.

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