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Thread: Word wrap - More complex than it seems

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    Question Word wrap - More complex than it seems

    Hello, one of my users is trying to work with another user to collaboratively write an email, they are sending mails back in forth. Obviously this doesn't work too well with line-wrapping. I have a few questions though, I don't understand how this works with Zimbra (at all ).

    * When I create a new mail, with long lines, and send it (eg, to myself) - I receive it and can read it, the lines are not wrapped.

    * When I reply to this email, it automatically wraps the lines, wether I use "prefix" or not

    * After replying a few times to myself, lines get longer and wrapped again - I end up with lines with only a couple of words

    * Now that's where I get completely lost Replying to myself a couple times more:

    There is even stronger wrapping, more lines with single words - but in some cases Zimbra has tried to merge the lines! The last word of the first line, "typesetting", is moved at the beginning of the second line in the last screenshot, with the rest of the second line after it - where I would have expected "typesetting" to be alone on its line.

    * Why are messages wrapped when replied to, but not when initially sent?
    * It seems Zimbra somehow tries to keep the text flow and avoid "single word lines" - but fails to do so properly? What algorithm exactly is used?
    * Is there a way to disable line-wrapping in specific cases, to allow people to send mails back & forth to edit it together?

    Hope you'll be able to enlighten me! Thanks

    PS: Slightly older version of Zimbra here, Zimbra 6.0.6 (upgrade planned soon).
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