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Thread: Migration 32bits --> 64 bits

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    Default Migration 32bits --> 64 bits

    Hello, I would like to know the steps I have to take to migrate FROM
    Ubuntu server 8.04 32 bits with ZCS 7.1.1 32 bits TO
    Ubuntu server 10.04 64 bits with ZCS 7.1.1 64 bits
    Thanks for your help

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    Quote Originally Posted by slacri View Post
    Hello, I would like to know the steps I have to take to migrate.....
    Have you read the 32bit to 64bit migration article in the wiki (or searched the forums)?


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    Also update your profile with your Zimbra version information.

    If you are running Network Edition, you can add a new MTA/Mailbox/LDAP node on the 10.04 64-bit system, promote that LDAP to be master, and migrate all of the mailboxes over.

    That's what we did, and had significantly less downtime than the actual 32-to-64-bit migration process in the Wiki.
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