I'm having an strange problem. I use a *.sh file to update the accounts, aliases and distribution lists in my Zimbra installation. I created a little program in my main server to create a .sh file with new accounts, aliases, distribution lists and accounts to be removed. During test phase it has worked perfectly. I've done the movement of the file created manually, copying and pasting the contents of the file in the server where Zimbra is installed and when running it I haven't had a problem. Now, when preparing things to get a step forward, I made some scripts to include the .sh file in a rar file with password, and cron in server with zimbra downloads it, uncompress and execute the file, but now I get a problem, the sh file create accounts but when trying to create an alias or a distribution list I always get an error saying "ERROR: account.NO_SUCH_DOMAIN (no such domain:". I guess it's a problem in the file I create with the program, due to type of file, chars set, I don't know.

If I get the text of the file when downloaded, that text giving problems, and copy/paste it in a sh created in the server it runs fine.

Any help is welcome.