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Thread: Public Folders

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    It would be nice if you could use a wildcard for all users so you could share anything with *

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    Default Bugzilla this...

    Quote Originally Posted by jhoelz View Post
    It would be nice if you could use a wildcard for all users so you could share anything with *
    We could actually do this. If you think it's something you'd really like having, please add an enhancement request in bugzilla.
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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    Default Shared Contacts

    I am doing this in a similar way, but one of the annoying things is that autocomplete doesn't work with shared contacts. I wish there was an option like : Use the Global Address List when autocompleting addresses. Or that a company contact database could be used in a more central way.

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    Default Selecting shared contacts when composing an email

    Hi all

    I'm an admin in a school environment. I'm using zcs-4.5.4_GA_763.UBUNTU6. My teachers cannot add contacts from a shared addressbook when composing a new mail.
    -> After clicking on the To: - Button, they see the "Select Address" window where they see "show names from: Personal and Shared Contacts". They can enter any name of someone stored in the shared addressbook (and click on "Search"), but no results appear.

    Under "Address Book" the shared addressbook is shown and all the names appear.

    I wrote a script to automatically add and prepare teacher accounts. The script adds every teacher's details to a addressbook of a special user "" and it also shares the addressbook with every teacher (using the command: `zmmailbox -z -m mfg "/Teachers" account r`).

    In the COS for the teachers (under "Featrues") I checked the box "Sharing", but not "GAL access" and neither "autocomplety from GAL" (as I don't want the teachers to access the GAL).

    What am I missing? I know that autocompletion form a shared addressbook is not working (which is indeed something that should be added), but the users should at least be able to choose recipients from a shared addressbook.

    Thanks in advance


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