Hi everybody,

currently i am a little bit frustrated. I moved a customer from Zimbra OSS to NE 25User, cause the User wants Outlook. The User migrated completly to Windows 7 x86_64 and Office 2010 (with Outlook 2010).

This happend in April 2011.

There was a Bug in ZCO with Outlook 2010 and shared adressbook: Bug 55507 – CONTAB: Outlook hangs at startup when using ZCO with shared address book

when we discovered this Bug, we thought no problem, in the next weeks we get 7.1.1, there is the Bug fixed --> The Bug got moved to get fixed in 7.1.2.
informed the Customer; ok we wait.
Now 7.1.2 is before the doors, again i checked the bug and e voilá the bug moved to 7.1.3. Thank you very much VMware.

It would be very funny to explain the customer: Hey you bought ZimbraNetworkEdition, cause you want Outlook, unfortunatly Zimbra is unable to fix a bug, that hit you. Sorry
Exactly the use of Outlook is not possible for 3month and it looks it would not work several month either. The Customer would ask me, why i recommended Zimbra.

Does there exist an workaround, like exporting the adressbook from user1 and import this at 18 other user, so Outlook can get used?

best regards