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Thread: Zimbra as frontend to exchange via SMTP forwarding?

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    Default Zimbra as frontend to exchange via SMTP forwarding?

    Is it possible to use zibmra's spam filtering as a frontend to an exchange server? I'd like email to come into zimbra, get filtered, and then routed on to an exchange server at another location. and I only want to do this for a single domain on zibmra. Is this possible?

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    Why using Zimbra to do so ??????

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    Because I have Zimbra setup for other domains/users. Instead of setting up a seperate filtering server, I would like to be able just add this ability to the HW I already have setup.

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    I would like to revive this old thread. I have the same question and have read about split-domains etc.

    My situation - I handle a number of client domains on one zimbra box but I have other clients that can't run anything but exchange due to proprietary software that interfaces directly with exchange. I would though, like to be able to utilize the spam filtering afforded by zimbra on their domain(s) too.

    Adding each email address separately though is not really an option as there are hundreds of the. I realize that I could script it, but this should be simpler: forward to ip.ip.ip.ip or similar.

    Any suggestions?
    Jacob Turner
    Ringnebula Systems - Ukiah, CA

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