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    Running Network release 4.0.1.
    I tried to look for an explanation in the forums but found none yet, I would like to know how the spam training works, I looked at the spamtrain.log file and found a lot of lines like this:

    Learned from 202 message(s) (299 message(s) examined).
    Learned from 0 message(s) (0 message(s) examined).
    Learned from 24 message(s) (173 message(s) examined).
    Learned from 0 message(s) (0 message(s) examined).

    What do they mean ?
    it learned all those spam messages so when they come they will be sent to the Junk folder ?
    Is that right ?

    Are those messages the ones each user marks as junk in their mailboxes ?

    How can a user mark a message as spam so when it is received again it goes straight to the junk folder ?
    (this is a question many users ask)

    Sorry if these questions have already been answered, I could not find them.


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    The learning is from messages that got to the INBOX but a user hit the 'Junk' button to move it to Junk folder and train. Over time with training this should prevent the same types of messages from coming to the INBOX. They should go directly to Junk.
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