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Thread: Various problems with Zimbra 7.1.1

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    Default Various problems with Zimbra 7.1.1

    Hello everyone,

    since we upgraded our Zimbra Network Edition systems from 6.0.13 to 7.1.1, we face a lot of problems and have a lot of support to do. I'd like to know if there are other users out there who have the same or similar problems with 7.1.1.

    Problem #1:
    Neither login into their Webfrontends nor login with email clients (using IMAP/POP3) works for some users anymore, after they did one of the following operations:
    - "Empty Trash" after right click on trash folder
    - Connect via IMAP with Outlook 2011 from Mac OS

    We could reproduce this behaviour by asking a client to connect again with Outlook 2011 via IMAP on Mac OS; so it seems that some client operations/requests are able to let the Zimbra mailbox service hang (at least for the account that tries to log in). Mailboxes of other users on the same machine seem to work normal.
    So whenever a client reports us that he cannot login anymore, we have to do a "zmmailboxctl restart". After that, it works again. While the mailbox "hangs" for this user, no mails are sent to the mailbox. The mail queue for this user grows until mailbox is restarted.

    Problem #2:
    2 users reported a problem that was already posted here:
    It first occurred directly after the update to 7.1.1.

    Problem #3:
    Zimbra Connector for Outlook lets Outlook 2007, 2010 & 2011 produce "Local failure notices" when syncing signatures. This seems to occur on localized versions of Outlook, because the folder name where Outlook stores signatures is different from folder name in the english version of Outlook. In spanish, it is named "Firmas", in german "Signaturen", in polish "Sygnatury". ZCO seems to try to store/delete signaturs always in a subdirectory named "Signatures" of the Windows user's directory.

    Btw, this is not the first time we are facing problems that have to do with L10n/I18n. We already had problems with special characters like german "Umlaute" in Notebook, or wrong date formats in Calendar and Tasks entries for some languages (spanish, for example). It seems to me that changes in Zimbra Software are sometimes not very well tested with localized versions...

    Problem #4:
    A user has some contacts on his mobile phone (Nokia C5-00) with additional "short code selection" (in german "Kurzwahl") stored. He uses Zimbra iSync Connector to synchronize. At random times, iSync Connector reports that phone numbers for X modified contacts are deleted. Our customer wonders, how a stored "short code selection" is able to "trigger" the deletion of all phone numbers for those contacts.

    Problem #5:
    In german, "Cancel" is usually translated with "Abbrechen". Since Zimbra 7.1.1, in some places "Cancel" was translated with "Absagen". This is a totally bad translation which has not the meaning of "Cancel" - "Absagen" means "reject". In earlier versions of Zimbra, this was translated correctly...

    Problem #6:
    Some of our Domain Administrators had insufficient rights to do thinks like creating accounts or resources after the update to 7.1.1. In these cases, we had to set the "Administator role" and "Admin Views" again, and after saving the settings it worked again. So it seems that the update did not take care of every previously made setting here.

    Problem #7:
    Some of our Notebook documents were not migrated into the Briefcase. It seems that some documents with special characters (for example german "Umlaute") in the title were not migrated. A customer told us, he had a document called "Meine Passwörter" in his Notebook. As it exists in his Briefcase, it was migrated to 7.1.1. But when he clicks on the Document, he gets a

    HTTP ERROR 404
    Problem accessing /service/home/ Reason:
    Objekt nicht vorhanden

    The question is: why were some documents (with special characters like german "Umlaute") migrated, whereas others were not, and why are there 404 errors when clicking some of those migrated documents?

    Are these problems known, and are there solutions/workarounds for them?


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    most of these are probably legitimate bugs. you can either file bug reports yourself at Bugzilla Main Page - Zimbra , or since i assume you're a NE customer you can file a support case and they'll file the bug reports for you. i tend to do the latter since i think they're normally addressed quicker.

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    I have the problem #1 and #2... A lot of users that uses Outlook 2003 and 2007 cant connect with IMAP... in 7.1.1 Path2

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