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Thread: New user created in active directory does not show up in zimbra web mail client GAL

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    Exclamation New user created in active directory does not show up in zimbra web mail client GAL

    Hey all,

    I posted a bug about this in bugzilla, but figured I would also make a post here for those who find searching the forum a bit easier

    Pre-existing exchange users who are migrated over to zimbra show up in the webmail GAL without any problem.

    When there is no longer an exchange server in the domain and you create a new user, this user does not show up in the zimbra web mail client GAL, but will show up in a ldap directory queried by microsoft outlook 2003.

    Our process for creating a new user is:

    1. In active directory user/groups create the new user, fill in various values including the email address field.

    2. Go into the zimbra web administration console and create a new user with the identical username created in active directory. Set the appopriate values (leave password blank as we have AD integration setup in zimbra for authentication).

    This now results in the aformentioned problem of new users not showing up in the zimbra webmail GAL.

    I used ADSI edit to compare a legacy migrated-user to a new user with no exchange server up at the time of creation, and did some testing to discover there seems to be one particular value in the directory the zimbra GAL requires be set (which is impossible to set during user account creation now that there is no more exchange servers AFAIK).

    See for my discovery. The mailNickname value apparently is the culprit.

    When I hand enter the mailNickname value with ADSI, and then go back into zimbra webmail client and click the to: field a do a search on the new user, the problem is resolved. If I go back and remove it in ADSI, the problem comes back.

    I would like to keep our user account creation simple (ADSI in novice hands can be problematic), and prevent my IT staff from using a tool like ADSI to hand edit the directory just to add a new user successfully.

    Hopefully a solution can be provided!


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