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Thread: HELO command rejected problem

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    Default [SOLVED] HELO command rejected problem


    I have a multiserver and multidomain zimbra installed. I'm having some problems with the HELO identification when I send some mails on remote servers.

    I've check the SmtpHostname (zmprov gacf|grep SmtpHostname) and I get 3 hostname. The first one is Localhost and the other two are the public name of the domains in zimbra, so I assume its correct.

    But still I have some mails rejected because I'm sending the local name to the remote server.

    Any Idea? Something to check?

    Regards from Canary Islands
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    The solution was:

    1. Change the hosts file in all machine to point my public domain to the mta machine
    2. Change the server name of the mta machine
    3. Restart all
    change the name of my mta machine and restart all

    Change the hosts in every machine:
    cat /etc/hosts
    Change the server name of the mta machine:
    /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmsetservername --skipusers -n 
    Restart all:
    zmcontrol restart

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