A few days ago i tested the option to block certain kind of attachments.

I am using the Network Edition of ZCS 4.02 (currently with the 60 day test version) with RHEL4 as a Base System.

After i activated the Option "View attachments in html only" and blocked a few extensions (vbs,vbe,vbx,hta,pif,reg,scr), Outlook showed a strange behaviour. All e-mails that Outlook received with MAPI where completely empty (also without header informations).

On the Server the e-mails showed up correctly, also there where no problems when receiving the mails over IMAP. After deactivating attachment blocking again Outlook behaved normally. Also the mails that had problems in the first case had no problems (i tested it with a completely new profile).

2006-10-24 10:55:11,934 INFO [http-7071-Processor47] [ip=xxxxxxx;name=admin@xxxxxx;] security - cmd=ModifyConfig; zimbraAttachmentsViewInHtmlOnly=TRUE; zimbraMtaBl
ockedExtension=vbs;zimbraMtaBlockedExtension=vbe;z imbraMtaBlockedExtension=vbx;zimbraMtaBlockedExten sion=hta ;zimbraMtaBlockedExtension=pif;zimbraMtaBlockedExt ension=reg;zimbraMtaBlockedExtension=s
cr; zimbraAttachmentsBlocked=TRUE;

2006-10-24 14:32:34,353 INFO [http-7071-Processor47] [ip=xxxxxxx;name=xxxxxxxx;] security - cmd=ModifyConfig; zimbraAttachmentsViewInHtmlOnly=FALSE; zimbraAttachmentsBlocked=

Perhaps someone else noted this previously ? I do not imagine that the folks at Zimbra have not tested that attachment blocking works together with the Outlook Connector. I would like to file a bug in bugzilla if it is new, perhaps someone could give me an advice which additional logs/system detals could help to identify this issue.