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Thread: Copy of all incoming and outgoing mails

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    Default Copy of all incoming and outgoing mails


    I am using Zimbra Open source edition 6 in centos 5.

    We need all the incoming and outgoing mails from other domains to be forwarded to specific mail address for future reference.
    I put Alwaysbcc option in postfix configuration. But, Its Forwarding all the mails.

    my domain:
    i have two accounts:,

    i need a copy of all the mails sent to other domains(except forwarded to
    also i need copy of all the incoming mails from other domains (except forwarded to

    Any Solution?
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    If you don't need/want to pay for ArchivingAndDiscovery, then you can add mail forward rules to the accounts and you can configure 'alwaysbcc' in postfixs See how others do this here.

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