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Thread: Zimbra Briefcase i18n filenames error

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    The issue is same as mentioned eariler. When I set public service host name to I can't access files with polish letter such as ł, , ć, ń, ź, ż etc...
    But when I set public service host name empty I am able to access those files. But I need to have public service host name set to to be albe to view users mailboxes. The issue was very well descibed earlier in this threat.



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    I solved a similar issue few month ago:

    Set publicServiceHostname..
    Check the mailMode:

    $ zmprov gs `zmhostname`| grep zimbraMailMode

    If your zimbraMailMode is "redirect"
    you have to change to "https" only:

    $ zmtlsctl https
    $ zmcontrol restart

    Possibly, from adminconsole you cannot switch to view any mailaccount now,
    because the url uses still "http".

    Also files in Briefcase show another error now:
    url to files are starting with "http".

    This should now be corrected by adding the below command and entry in the config:

    $ zmprov mcf zimbraPublicServiceProtocol https

    Confirme that shared links are now 'https'

    $ zmprov gacf | grep Public
    $ zimbraPublicServiceHostname: []
    $ zimbraPublicServiceProtocol: https

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    Default Zimbra Briefcase i18n filenames error

    @ firemike
    Thanks a lot! Your tips solved my issue. When I changed 'redirect' to 'https' and later commands I was able to access files in Briefcase and view users mailboxes. But with this option there was one issue. When user typed mailserver address (without https:// at the begining) in browser there was an error (no site). So I deciedev to rollback to 'redirect' setting, and ta-da! It's working. Users don't have to type https://, users are able to access files in Briefcase, I'm able to view user mailboxes.
    I will check if this will aslo work after zimbra restart, but for now it's working!
    Once again thanks!



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