Hi i'm new in this forum.

I'm using and administring the new Zimbra 7 Network Edition and I've some questions about Multi Domain Administration:

1 - I've enabled a user to be and Admin for multiple domains. To do this, i've created a Distribution List (administrator), associated that accpunt to this list and added the right domainAdminConsoleRights for each domain I want.

i.e.: user: user@domain1.org -> Admin distribution list: dl@domain1.org
domains: domain1.org, domain2.org, domain3.org - each domain has "Maximum number account per COS" - cos01, cos02, cos03

dl@domain1.org have grants domainAdminConsoleRights to all these domains.

Question: How can user@domain1.org have grant to change account COS within the limits for each domain?

2 - Is there the possibility to set "Number Accounts Limit" not for single domain, but global for -n domains?

i.e. I have domain1.org, domain2.org, domain3.org and I want to set a global limit for all domains (20 account with "cos01", 10 account "cos02", 5 account "cos03").

I'm sorry for my bad English

awaiting feedback

Best regards