I am trying to migrate up to the latest ZCS, starting at 5.x, 32 bit on Ubuntu 6.04 and moving to 5.x 64 bit on Ubuntu 8.04, with a change in IP, but not hostname.

I am following the "Network Edition: Moving from 32-bit to 64-bit Server" wiki entry.

imapproxy and memcached were running on the old server. When I do a full install on the new server, copy over /store, /index, and so on and restart, I get the imapproxy error.

I then disable the imapproxy and memcached services with zmprov.

Everything seems to go well until I do a restart and check status.
ZMlogswatchctl, zmmtaconfig, mailboxd, and zmmailboxdctl are not running.

I check passwords.
(as zimbra) I issue the mysql command. It connects.
(as zimbra) I issue the logmysql command. Access Denied.

I followed the procedure in "Issues with mysql and logmysql passwords" but still get the Access Denied problem with logmysql.

Not sure where to go from here.
hosts and hostname are setup identical from server to server, with the exception of the IP.

Should I disable imapproxy and memcached on the old server before I copy over? Does that only affect the ldap backup?

What to look at next?