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Thread: random services are stopping/starting at random times

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    Default random services are stopping/starting at random times

    been getting regular emails from the server indicating that a service has stopped and then immediately restarted. This has only occurred since upgrading to 7.1.1 FOSS.

    All of the Zimbra services have done this, but logger seems to be the most frequent. Each time I get the email notification, I remote in to check & the services are running according to zmcontrol status.

    Anybody have any thoughts or tell me where to start digging to figure this out?

    -Bill Schall

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    You can start by looking in the log files; you should also post details about your hardware specification (specifically installed RAM); number of users, types of user (IMAP, POP, Web UI, etc.); how many users are online at the times these problems occur; whether this is a VM and if so, which hypervisor; I'd also suggest you check your DNS and hosts file configurations (see the 'Verify...' section of the Split DNS article); is the /opt/zimbra directory on a RAID array and if, which RAID level; single server or multi-server install?


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