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Thread: how to export XMPP roster (IM buddy list)?

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    Default how to export XMPP roster (IM buddy list)?

    i had a power outage the other day and when i started up zimbra, my XMPP (IM service) seems to be in a bad state (only one or two contacts will ever appear in the roster when 50 are actually online).

    i think this would be a good time for me to shut off zimbra's IM server and migrate to another service like openfire or ejabberd (since zimbra will not be supporting the current IM integration in the future)

    with that said, how do i export my current XMPP roster? looking through the /opt/zimbra folder, i can not locate the xmpp service to find the XML file that represents my roster.

    does anyone know what xmpp service is zimbra using? where is it located/running from?

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    Now that the IM client has been announced as an official feature (not just beta as it has been) for the next release, I wonder if Zimbra will provide a solution to this one?

    I've read the bug reports & threads on IM, so I understand the ZCS IM server will go away, but some version of the ZCS IM client will remain, and will use external XMPP services. So will Zimbra provide users with a means of exporting rosters for those who have been using the beta already?
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