I was wondering how to setup the Zimbra HTTP/HTTPS proxy so I can use domain certs for webmail and IMAP / POP3.

I was looking through some documentation on the Zimbra wiki and I found this link. Enabling Zimbra Proxy - Zimbra :: Wiki

Then I tried running the command it refers to. It does state the command is for ZCS 6.0 but it worked for me in ZCS 7.1.1.

The command was:

 /opt/zimbra/libexec/./zmproxyinit -m -w -e -x both -H `zmhostname`
By setting up the HTTP proxy have I done anything that would negatively impact Zimbra? Because this command is from an older Zimbra.

Is there another way to make the HTTP proxy work for all domains and use the domain certs?

Any insight would be great.